Veronica Martinelli


Formed in classical ballet by Paul Goubé from l'Opéra de Paris, in contemporary dancing by Carolynn Carlson (NY) and Peter Goss (Paris), in Jazz by Lynn Simonson (NY) and Michael Owens (Paris). Taught in Paris, Milan, Rome and London. She has taught in Quebec since 1985 and has directed Centre de la Danse à Montréal. She founded the "Ateliers Veronica Martinelli" in 1994 to encourage the youth to express themselves , give them a taste for movement and raise their awareness for the art of dance. 

After 23 years of success in Laval, in 2016, the Ateliers take a turning point towards a more personalized teaching. In 2019, Veronica entrusts the direction to her daughters Sandrine et Claire. 

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Sandrine Chouinard


Sandrine has studied for 25 years and taught for 15 years classical and contemporary dance. She has been performing for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens for 5 years, notably as Clara in The Nutcracker. Sandrine has participated in performances at numerous festivals and competitions. She has been awarded gold and silver medals in classical and contemporary ballet at the Trois Rivière International Dance Festival. At the same time, she took the Veronica Martinelli Workshop on Dance Pedagogy and shared her knowledge with children and adults of all levels. At the age of 26 she turned to yoga and took intensive training at Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas. Upon her return, she completed a second professorial yoga training program at Soham School in Montreal. Sandrine will be teaching ballet, contemporary dance and yoga for Ballet Laval in September 2019.

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Claire Lefebvre


Claire has been trained in classical ballet and modern dance with Veronica Martinelli since 1985 as well as with other ballet teachers who taught in our school. During her training, she performed in various festivals and dance shows, both in France and in Quebec. Since 1996, she has been Veronica's assistant for teaching children and for beginner and elementary level ballet classes. She took a specific training course in dance education in 1998 to be in charge of classes since 1999. Since then, she has distinguished herself in the teaching of ballet with children by her enthusiasm and approach by the pleasure of dance that allows children to improve while developing a passion for the art of dance! In addition to teaching ballet continuously since 1999, Claire earned a Master's degree in Art History and specialized in dance history with passion. Since 2006, she has been teaching art history at the college level, and offers lectures and courses in dance history.